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What's New in Travel News for 2022?

March 2022

Around the World in One Year: Travel Advice and Tips

Buckle up for A roundup of the Best Destinations to Visit Each Month of the Year 


Taking you around the world is not an easy feat. With so many glorious places to discover, the world truly keeps proving to be a magical place. To get inspired for the best places to visit each month of the year, we decided to go back to one of our favorite SIA calendars, a hard print edition published in 2017. It showcased a top destination for each month and we wanted to share these destinations here again for those who didn’t get the chance to have that calendar land on their desk. 


So fasten your seatbelts and let’s Go Places!

January – THAILAND 

True, it’s peak season in January in Thailand, but there’s a good reason for that: the weather is warm and sunny across the country. Moreover, you would have skipped the craziness of Christmas and the New Year and can simply enjoy the pleasures of both the cities, the coast and the islands. Be ready to catch those rainbows after short rain falls may occur, only to go back out to the warm hugs of the sun. 


February – ALPS, AUSTRIA 

It’s peak season for all ski enthusiasts (and snow-shoers too!). If you are looking for the real winter wonderland, the Austrian Alps will not disappoint. Winter sports lovers and those simply craving snow-filled landscapes and breathtaking scenery while sipping on a hot chocolate in a charming lodge or cabin will find what they’re looking for. Make sure to pack warm clothes and winter accessories. 



For those needing a break from tourist-filled destinations and looking for that sweet spot between warm and fresh weather, then the Canary Islands are for you during the month of March. The moderate weather this time of year allows you to enjoy a swim from 11a.m. to 4p.m. and a crisp fresh breeze in the evening. Pack your swimsuit and a light sweater or sweatshirt for those dreamy island nightcaps.


April – MOROCCO  

April is a great time to plan a trip to Morocco. The weather is great for visitors to enjoy the outdoors and sightseeing activities, including discovering the Sahara Desert. And if you want to venture off the beaten path, plan a day trip from colorful Marrakesh and go on a hike past Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains, which incidentally will still have snow on their peaks, so dress accordingly! 

Enjoy Morocco in April, with its comfortable temperatures coupled with magnificent scenery; who can ask for better than that?! 


May – PERU 

During this time, the rainy season is behind us, the climate is dry and temperatures are especially enjoyable with sunshine and clear blue skies. It’s also that time right before the high season, where it’s not overcrowded and where you can still reap the best that Peru has to offer, abundant festivals, green mountains, flowers in full bloom and more importantly you can plan your trek on the Inca trail (but make sure to book ahead)! 



Did you ever watch a sunset and wish it would last longer? Well you might just get that wish if you visit Iceland in June. Apparently, it’s daylight for 24 hours yet in the evening, it’s not as bright and the lighting has been compared to a never ending sunset. So there you go!  Also, Summer officially begins in June for Icelanders and you will see the locals in shorts and t-shirts, but don’t get ahead of yourself, the average temperature is 9° (if you’re lucky it will go up sometimes). So packing wise, you need to think of this as a multi-seasonal trip and accordingly we advise that you bring those Summer clothes along with your Winter thermals. #Truestory. 



Let us just start by saying that there is no bad time to go to French Polynesia. If opportunity presents itself, just grab that sunscreen and go! Now, if you’re a little more peculiar about your travels, then yes, July is a pretty good time to visit French Polynesia for its perfect temperatures. Divers also enjoy excellent visibility.  



If you’re looking for perfect weather in August, Indonesia is the place to be. True, it’s in the midst of the high season, but the beautiful white sandy beaches and the volcanic peaks will make you forget the crowds. Discover Bali or head to the volcanic regions, what’s your preference? The great thing about Indonesia in August is that you can discover all of the country, from Bali, to Ubud to Sumatra. The weather is great all around and amazing beaches, scenery and overall discoveries await you! 


September – GEORGIA 

Not a fan of Summer heat or humidity? Nor are you a fan of cold winters? Then visiting Georgia in September is perfect for you!  Tbilisi the capital awaits you for a stroll around this beautiful capital, influenced by different architectural styles. Let’s not forget that the Autumn harvest is at its peak, so you can enjoy this country’s bounty. But pack for different seasons as the weather is a bit on the moody side and can change any second. 


October – ITALY 

Perfetto in October! I mean really, who doesn’t love Italy in the fall. The mild weather allows you to walk around the breathtaking cities of Italy without suffering from the heat or humidity. Rome, Florence & Milan (or any other gorgeous city) await you with their beautiful architecture and breathtaking scenery. You’ll enjoy beautiful fall foliage in places like Tuscany and the cool weather along the Amalfi coast. Allora cosa pensi? 


November – VIETNAM 

November is an ideal time to visit both the Northern part of the Vietnam for its history and culture and the Southern parts for relaxation on the beach. So if it’s adventure that you are seeking or that bit of exotic beach/sunshine combo, then Vietnam awaits. 


December – GERMANY 

A top destination in December for its Christmas markets – the mother of all markets is Nuremberg, the oldest one in Germany. If you are looking for that warm and fuzzy feeling that Christmas lights and stockings gives you, then Germany is the place for you in December. Having influenced the Christmases of the Western world, Germany is filled with Christmas markets at practically every corner in December. Can you smell the ginger and dried fruits yet? And if you’re lucky enough, you might just get a sleigh ride too!