COVID-19 Are you stuck abroad? Travelling anytime soon? SIA covers you against COVID-19!

HAD TO RUSH TO THE EMERGENCY SIA can also include emergency hospitalization. You can’t afford to travel if you can’t afford travel insurance.

EXTREME CASES Have you had a car crash? Or severe illness? SIA offers emergency medical evacuation and even repatriation under urgent circumstances.

TOOTH PAIN Is your tooth aching so badly you can’t enjoy a blessed meal and a goodnight’s sleep while travelling?Even dental care is included in SIA’s insurance coverage.

IN CASE OF DEATH… In the case of death, SIA can cover the repatriation of mortal remains.

Non - Medical

CHILD LEFT ALONE In case you were hospitalized for longer than 48 hours and your child was left alone without anyone to care for him/her, SIA can send the minor home.

COMPASSIONATE VISIT You are in another country for business or pleasure when you are injured and stuck in the hospital with nothing to do and no one to care for you. But the good thing is that SIA can send for a family member to look out for you until you are back on your feet again.

CAN’T FIND YOUR BAGGAGE? Have you been watching people’s baggage repeatedly pass by on the carousel without any sign of your own? It’s time to face the fact that your baggage might be lost or delayed. SIA can cover the costs of both situations so you can continue your travel without worries.

UNFLYABLE WEATHER There are many reasons flights are cancelled such as unflyable weather conditions or maintanence problems in the aircraft. With SIA, all additional expenses will be compensated and you will be on your way to your destination in no time.

LAST MINUTE EMERGENCY Has there been an emergency at home that prevented you from travelling? SIA will cover the hassle of a trip cancellation.

YOU NEED MEDICAL HELP Need to buy medicine abroad but can’t even read the pharmaceutical labels? SIA is just a phone call away! Our doctors on board can help you find which medicine is the best to treat what you are suffering from, whether a headache or allergy.

LOCAL MEDICAL SPECIALIST Do you need a medical specialist to follow up on your case? Our policies can connect you to local doctors, medical referrals, and local medical specialists when you are in need.

NATURAL DISASTERS Earthquakes? Volcano Eruptions? Tsunamis? Tropical storms? Catastrophes seem to be on the rise lately. Make sure you’re secure in your travels with the proper policy.

UNAVOIDABLE CHANGE IN PLANS Sometimes trips do not go according to plan. In case of death of a close family member, SIA consider trip curtailment and will refund your return home in these exceptional circumstances.

NEED A LAWYER Are you in a situation where hiring a lawyer is necessary? Legal expenses are also part of SIA’s coverage plans.

NEED RESCUING Going on a hike with friends? Or sailing the seven seas? SIA can handle the sea and mountain search and rescue in case of an emergency.

PERSONAL LIABILITY Ever accidently damage property while abroad and tried to hide it away? Honesty is really your best policy when SIA can cover your personal Liability fees.

LOST YOUR PASSPORT With the hassle of travelling with so much luggage in airport and train transfers, sometimes things get lost. Like your passport. While you are in another country. Thankfully, SIA can cover the expenses of issuing a new passport.

TERRORISM In the scenario of a terrorist act, SIA will reimburse you for your losses.

PERSONAL ACCIDENT In the case of a fatal accident, SIA can benefit your closest family.

Terms and conditions apply to each plan. Please make sure to read the general conditions of your policy for further information.