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What's New in Travel News for 2022?

March 2022

Travel Envy (& the Limited Budget) Syndrome 

We’re not Proud, but we’ve all Felt Travel Envy at one Point or Another 


Even before the days of COVID-19, there were always some who traveled less than others and of course there were some who never traveled at all. Consequently, travel envy became a familiar feeling to those in the “no-travel / very little travel” rut. We’re here to tell you that it’s ok and that there is a solution. To travel and to explore to your heart’s desire doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget; all you need is to steer clear of expensive tourist destinations (which inevitably become very expensive because of being in high demand). 


Instead, you can embrace travel truly from an explorer’s point of view and allow yourself to get awed and inspired by destinations that have never been or your radar OR allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by destinations that you simply didn’t consider before. 


So, we did a little research for you to uncover budget-friendly countries that will allow you to embark on your trip without the constant image of a budget sheet haunting you. Travel offers one of the most gratifying experiences and no one should miss out on it. So unchain yourself and get on that plane! But before delving into our Top 10 List, remember these TWO important travel tips since some of the countries listed below are quite big, making just the fact of inner transportation quite costly: 


Tip #1: Stick to 1 or 2 regions or cities. Visiting the entire country will drain your budget. 

Tip #2: Plan & book ahead to avoid hidden costs or surprises. 


Now That our Conscience is Clear, Here’s our Top 10 List of Budget-Friendly Countries: 


Republic of Georgia

A country we rarely talk about, it sits on the edge of Asia & Europe. The Republic of Georgia offers a rich history and beautiful landscapes. Enjoy museums and historical sites for nominal entrance fees and reel in the beauty of the country: beautiful mountain ranges, the Black sea, and ancient hilltop monasteries. In 2020, it became possible to enter the Republic of Georgia without a visa and stay for a year. Just saying!


Try to keep an open mind and not think of Pablo Escobar (he died in 1993). Rather, think of gorgeous coastlines, diving sites for diving enthusiasts, amazing beaches, the start of the Andes mountain range, the Amazon rainforest and numerous museums and historical sites. Let’s not forget that the Columbian people are warm and that their culture is vibrant and inviting.



Looking to trek the Himalayas? Seeking inspiration in the capital of Kathmandu? Or simply pursuing a spiritual journey? Either way, Nepal is for you. With its kind-hearted people, Nepal will not only satisfy your travel itch, it will change you for the better; at least this is what those who traveled to Nepal have said.



Whether it’s because you’re obsessed with Dracula or because you’re seeking a European experience while on a budget, Romania awaits. Enjoy sightseeing in charming medieval towns, feasting your eyes on beautiful greenery and landscapes and allowing your taste buds to enjoy delicious and hearty food. What more can you ask for?


Cape Verde 

Not only does Cape Verde offer a warm climate and amazing landscapes, it’s a dream for hiking and trekking enthusiasts as well as those seeking great beaches and a wide range of water sports activities. What else? Well, how about kitesurfing, discovering a diversity of turtles, whale watching and embracing a new culinary experience to get you started. Tempted?



Do you know where the world’s highest lake exists? Well it’s in Bolivia and it’s called Titicaca. And that’s just one of the many amazing things to discover in Bolivia. How about a bike tour on Death Road? Yes, you read that right. Grab your courage and enjoy an exhilarating experience on one of the world’s most dangerous roads. If you’re not looking for an adrenaline rush, you can enjoy the largely untouched Amazon and the country’s ethnical and natural diversity.



Some of the most gorgeous islands in the world are in the Philippines and so are some of the most beautiful beaches and diving sites. Moreover, this country boasts an unspoiled coastline and a fascinating culture influenced by its colonial history (Asian, Spanish & American). Oh and did we mention the numerous rice terraces and the delicious culinary experience that await you?



On the cusp of Asia and Europe, Turkey offers something amazing for everyone: For those looking for a cultural destination, for those looking for a beach destination, for those looking for a nature/discovery destination and for those looking for a culinary destination. Roman ruins, cave cities, Mediterranean beaches and hustling bazaars await you in Turkey.



You can not only go chasing waterfalls in Laos, you can also enjoy a full day tubing experience along the Vang Vieng river, go mountain climbing, kayaking or even hot air ballooning. This little Southeast Asian country also has an interesting architectural heritage from the French colonial era and many Buddhist monasteries. Here’s a fun tip about Laos: Did you know that the country’s natural forest extends on more than 70% of its land area?



This underrated European country has so much to offer and we would suggest you get to it before it becomes the next Croatia. Its unspoiled coastline, well-preserved Ottoman-era tows, castles and archeological sites will satisfy curious minds and history buffs alike. And if you’re looking for something a little more beachy, then the Albanian Riviera is not to be missed with its long sandy & pebble beaches and turquoise waters. There’s also the City of a Thousand Windows and so much more to discover. 


So you see, you can travel on a budget and satisfy your wanderlust. 


Happy Travels!