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What's New in Travel News for 2022?

Travel Experiences
March 2022

THE ROUNDUP: The Best Travel Experiences of 2022

Expedia is calling 2022 the year of the GOAT, or the “greatest of all trips.” Let that sink in so that you can start planning your GOAT! 


In the past years travel restrictions had us finding alternatives to travel by going the staycation route. But as Omicron cases are ebbing and as governments across the world are easing both travel and sanitary restrictions, the travel industry is expecting a significant reboot come Spring & Summer 2022.  


We’ve done the research and compiled the top travel trends for you to consider this year and to finally put an end to missing the good ol’ days of traveling. 





The City Route 

Confinement has us missing roaming around freely – anywhere. And yes, funny enough, many of us have missed the hustle and bustle that comes with city life: busy sidewalks, street musicians, high street shopping, restaurants for all tastes and budgets, museums, landmarks, etc. You get the picture. Cities are essentially cultural hubs and doorways for exploration. What’s it gonna be? Paris, London, New York, Buenos Aires, Tokyo…Let’s cross that city off your bucket list!


Inclusive Luxury 

Restrictions across almost all aspects of life have left us thirsty for the little pleasures…that well deserved massage, a fine glass of wine enjoyed in sumptuous surroundings, a gourmet meal eaten freely, an amazing view…Who doesn’t want to feel pampered and taken care of in the wake of the past couple of years? So sometimes, all one needs is that all-inclusive resort where they don’t need to do an inkling of planning, where they can just be. Indonesia, Spain, Mexico, Kenya, Greece and so many more are homes to amazing luxury resorts. So if budget is not an issue, go ahead and book your holiday. 


Wellness Retreats 

For some more than others, especially depending on the field of work they are in, like medical staff, the past couple of years have been not only challenging for managing day-to-day life, they have also been emotionally and psychologically draining. As such, for many, the ultimate travel route is to embark on a wellness journey. Health and immunity have taken on unprecedented priority in our lives and the old adage that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ has never resonated more. So don’t put it off any longer…India, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and others have numerous wellness retreats ready to welcome you and onboard you on a journey that is beneficial for your body, mind and soul.


The Great Outdoors 

For nature enthusiasts, the progressive lift on travel restrictions simply means that they can travel again, feel that exhilarating liberation of being out in the world and exploring its amazing marvels…The ones we know and the ones off the beaten track. Imagine the release of hiking to a mountain top, of sailing on never-ending blue seas, of breathing air so crisp that it makes your lungs jump with joy, of taking in the unimaginable beauty of lush greenery or never ending carpets of snow…Go ahead, close your eyes and just imagine it. If it feels good now, think of how it will feel when you get there! 


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Finally remember this, it’s the year of the GOAT, so go big or go home!