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October 2022

SIA Travel Insurance partners with Royal Shield Re Limited (“RSRE”) in Mauritius

Beirut, Lebanon
October, 2022

SIA Travel Insurance, an international travel insurance and assistance provider, is happy to announce a new strategic partnership with RSRE, a reinsurance brokerage firm based in the Republic of Mauritius. Building on its international network and a number of strategic alliances globally, this marks SIA’s first partnership with a company based in the Indian Ocean islands.

SIA is extending its technical know-how by offering evacuation services for expats including blue collared workers in Seychelles to Mauritius, Sri Lanka, India,  South Africa, UAE & Kenya in
addition to emergency medical expenses or hospitalization. This coverage allows RSRE to ensure a wider coverage for its clients and enables SIA to grow in a new geography.

Together, RSRE and SIA are ensuring that medical cases are handled with the utmost care and evacuated to the appropriate destination depending on each medical case.