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July 2023

Cyprus has passed a new law requiring all visitors abroad to get travel insurance before entering the nation. This choice aims to put visitor security first, reduce financial risk, and promote responsible tourism.

All visitors that apply for a visa there, regardless of their reason for travel, are now required to show proof of current travel insurance coverage when they arrive in Cyprus. Specific requirements, such as medical costs, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, and repatriation of remains, must be met by insurance coverage.

Cyprus wants to provide travelers with peace of mind and protection from unanticipated events while they are thereby requiring travel insurance. The action demonstrates the nation's dedication to health and safety standards and is in line with international travel standards.

This requirement's implementation is expected to contribute to Cyprus' tourism sector's sustainability over the long term. Its objectives are to draw in responsible travelers and lessen the financial difficulties brought on by mishaps, sicknesses, or canceled trips.

In addition, it is important to note that the mandatory travel insurance required by Cyprus should provide coverage of at least 30,000 euros. This coverage is necessary to meet the specific requirements set by the new law

Travelers are advised to speak with their travel insurance companies in advance in order to comply with the new law. Cyprus has partnered with a number of stakeholders to increase visitor awareness and promote implementation, and luckily for our customers, SIA has an office there.

Cyprus wants to improve the overall visitor experience and guarantee the sustainable growth of the tourism industry by putting the needs of visitors first and encouraging a safe travel environment.