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October 2023

Experience, convenience, and innovation are critical in the fast-paced insurance business. SIMA Ltd, SIA’s new sister firm located in Dubai's DIFC, and regulated by the DFSA excels in these areas. They provide a new comprehensive solution to travel reinsurance and group personal accident coverage for insurance companies.

SIMA's expertise spans the globe, with a skilled staff that has served over 40 countries and partnered with 100+ insurance companies.

 As a sister company of SIA, SIMA benefits from a respected global network while complying with international standards. They customize their services to your specific requirements, creating new standards for excellence.

 Key Insurance Services

SIMA Ltd provides comprehensive travel insurance, including repatriation and evacuation coverage, for peace of mind on business and leisure journeys.

 Group Personal Accident: Their adaptable Group Personal Accident Insurance is tailored to your organization's specific needs, assuring your employees' safety at all times.

SIMA's professional-staffed 24/7 call center provides tailored assistance services, all backed by A-rated worldwide reinsurers.

 Why SIMA Ltd?

SIMA's team of experts is dedicated to locating the best insurance options on the market.

A-Rated Reinsurance: They provide consistent reinsurance backed by A-rated reinsurers. 

SIMA's IT systems and portals use cutting-edge technology to make your interactions effortless.

Finally, SIMA Ltd is a comprehensive, innovative, and convenient insurance partner that consistently exceeds expectations.

To experience the difference, contact them at Your insurance requirements will be addressed with precision and attention.