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November 2023

Our team had the unique pleasure of connecting with notable African insurance companies, reinsurance brokers, and reinsurance firms during the AIO event at the LAICO Hotel in Tunis. The event's major theme, "Paradigm shift: can Africa's insurance and reinsurance industry support a self-funded Africa?" set the platform for conversations and insights that highlighted the region's enormous potential.

Our strategy target for 2024 is clear: we are committed to strengthening the insurance business in Tunis and across the North African continent. To that objective, we established a regional office in Tunis. We are glad to present Mr. Mustapha Azaiez as our Head of Reinsurance Director for the African region, an expert insurance professional.

Furthermore, our Regional Business Developer, Mr. Ali Fakhry, will relocate to our Tunis Regional office to spearhead the beginning of our activities in this new market. While we have been working in West Africa since 2013, we are now expanding to North Africa.

Our main goal is to grow our travel insurance company operations, reaching all continents directly from Tunis. This is an exciting stage in our journey, and we are delighted to contribute to the expansion of the insurance and reinsurance sectors in North Africa.